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Master's Degree
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Frontal Hours: 42.0
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LUCHENA Serenella Sabina

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Teaching program is provisional and may be subject to changes

In order to fruitfully attend the course a good command of English is required (reading, speaking and comprehension). A minimum knowledge of the legal language is very welcome, although it will be improved along the way.

Acquisition of: specialistic knowledge on digital information law and especially on its most recent juridical and judicial evolutionary trends, through the reading of legal documents and legislation, scientific contributions from international scolars, and judicial decisions.

The course's primary aim is to provide students knowledge and understanding of the peculiarities of the European and national legislation concerning digital technologies and digital users' protection to enable a critical approach and a comprehension of their disruptive effects. The educational path will be conducted on the study of the most relevant issues related to technological development. The critical understanding of the phenomena in progress is also encouraged in the perspective of  an interdisciplinarity approach.

The lessons have a seminar cut, the students are invited to do researches at home and to discuss current issues.

The students will study rules and regulations, and procedures related to the law applied to digital technologies in a way that will allow them to have a critical perspective on current issues and evolutionary trends of digital transformations. The knowledge and skills acquired will provide students with the necessary tools for further theoretical investigations (research paths) or to professional activity (specific stages and traineeships on digital information law)

The course will be structured so as to offer students courses and seminars on specific digital law topics that are more relevant and topical.

The seminars will also be held by Italian and foreign scholars and will allow students to deal with practical cases, different teaching methods and different research perspectives.

The exam will be oral, in English. 

The examination aims to verify the understanding of the topics addressed during the course, the reasoning skills and the critical spirit of the student, as well as the use of appropriate legal language and communication skills.
The final assessment will take into account any intermediate tests (optional) carried out during the course.

Supranational and national legal sources of digital law

The European electronic communication code 

Fundamental rights and new technologies

Internet governance and domain name system

Digital Identity and digital signature


Data protection and data governance

Digital platforms and sharing economy

Liability of service providers

Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Crypto-activities

Artificial Intelligence

The necessary material will be provided by the teacher during the course or it will be published on this page

Second Semester (dal 04/03/2024 al 07/06/2024)

Exam type

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Oral - Final grade

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